Planning requirements are becoming increasingly onerous and there would appear to be more obstacles to contend with in securing planning permissions. In addition, the expectations of local authorities have increased in recent times whilst planning policy at local, regional and national levels continues to change. Sound planning advice is, therefore, essential if viability is to be protected and deliverable planning proposals secured.

Directions Planning Consultancy provides cost effective and commercially aware planning advice. We understand current market conditions and the planning policy framework in which decisions are made. With this in mind, we are able to adopt negotiating and consultation positions to help smooth the way through the planning process.

However, we do not deal solely in the present. We are also mindful of the future which means you can be assured that our advice will help keep your plans on track. In particular, we have an in-depth and continually developing understanding of the changes being made to the planning system, along with an appreciation of the implications such changes may have for you.